Support Full Access

Full Access has successfully implemented support services since 2002. Given this responsibility by the State of Oregon, Full Access grew from an array of community members and advocates. Over time it has become clear that our vision is bigger than our budget! For this reason, we have and will continue to appeal to community members for additional financial support. As you see on our website through success stories in our newsletters, we have had great impact in our communities. The challenges yet to be met are extensive, and listed in our Annual Report each year.

Priorities for our program development include:

  • Expanding the availability of mental health services
  • Increasing access to affordable housing and transportation
  • Ensuring our clients have adequate advocacy in the full scope of our legal system.

    These efforts require education and extensive work for systems changes, areas we can make a difference in with your help! Your contributions to Full Access will be devoted only to program services to support our clients in their independence and efforts for self-sufficiency. As a non-profit agency, we rely on the generous involvement of our communities to fulfill the vision we hold dear.

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