Planning Supports

How are Client Services Funded?

Beginning July 1, 2013, the Department of Human Services, including the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services implemented the Community First Choice, 1915 (k) plan state option for individuals.  We know this as the K Plan.  The K plan is based on attendant services which are identified as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). 

ADLs include but are not limited to assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, eating, mobility (ambulation, transferring and positioning) bowel and bladder care, stand by support, cognition, memory care and behavior supports.

IADLs are more complex activities than ADL’s. They are activities that assure a person can live as independently as possible in the community. These may include supports that assist a person to continue to productively work toward long range goals i.e. managing money, using technology, transportation to work or classes, or they may be related to maintaining independent living such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and chore services and medication management.

For those eligible for funded services, you may be able to receive K Plan or both the K Plan and Waiver Services depending on the type of Medicaid you have.  Please check in with your Personal Agent (PA) for more information on which services you are eligible for. 

With the K Plan services, a needs assessment will be conducted annually.  The needs assessment determines the amount of hours that are available per month and the areas which supports are needed.  From this, your PA will help you develop your Individual Support Plan (ISP).  

Other non ADL/IADL and health related services including but not limited to extended state plan services, family training, supported employment, continue to be provided through the waivers.

For those not eligible for Medicaid, we are able to offer case management only services.  If you have case management only services, you will work with your PA to develop an Annual Plan.  While there isn’t funding for services, your PA will provide information on resources available in our community.    

Planning Supports

If you’re eligible for adult in home services, you have a choice of where your case management services come from.  In Lane County, there are three case management choices; Full Access, Mentor Oregon, or Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services.

At Full Access, you will work with your Personal Agent (PA) to develop your plan.  In order to do that, your PA will get to know you, your interests, your skills and what supports you need.  They will meet with you and anyone else you want to include.  This process may take a couple of meetings.  These meetings will include a needs assessment to determine what you need to live as independently as possible, and what your resources will be.  This assessment must be completed prior to writing your annual plan.  The assessment collects information about your areas and degree of need, and determines how many hours/services you can receive each month to meet them.  Oregon is currently using a state-created tool called the Adult Needs Assessment (ANA).

With information from the needs assessment, your PA will work with you to develop your Individual Support Plan (ISP).  While your plan is written for 12 months, you may revise your plan at any time.  Your PA will help introduce you to community resources and supports that can help you to reach your goals.  

Your PA will check in with you throughout your plan year to make sure your plan continues to have the supports you want and need.