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Eugene Staff

Stephanie Beeck
Operations Director
Full Access Member: Stephanie Beeck

Stephanie started working in the Eugene office shortly after she graduated from the University of Oregon, where she became an avid Duck fan, with a degree in Spanish. She's worked in the customer service field since her teenage years, and loves being in a position where she is able to help people achieve their goals. Stephanie feels that Full Access is just the place for her to continue doing so. When not at Full Access, you will find Stephanie, her partner Chris and their daughter Olivia enjoying Duck sports, taking road trips to play in the “big waters” at the coast and exploring their backyard with their two dogs. 

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Sandy Leifeste
Program Director
Full Access Member: Sandy Leifeste

Sandy started working with Full Access in May 2003. She graduated from the U of O with a Bachelors Degree in Education.  Prior to Full Access, she worked as a Program Manager, Instructor, and Workforce Development Director. Sandy has worked in education and social services for most of her career.  Sandy began working at Full Access as a Personal Agent and is currently the Program Manager.  When not working, Sandy enjoys spending time with her three children and her husband.   

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Mike Shugrue
Program Supervisor
Full Access Member: Mike Shugrue

Mike grew up in Massachusetts, and also resided in Vermont and Rhode Island before moving to the Eugene area in 2014. Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Worcester State University in Massachusetts, and has traveled extensively around the United States, crossing the country seven times “on the road”. His wife Patricia originally grew up in Eugene, so they decided to take their 16 year old son Nic and three cats to the west coast to live. Prior to relocating to Oregon, Mike worked in Rhode Island as a Coordinator in both Adult and Child & Family Services, as well as Human Resources and Staff Recruiting. He also worked as a Job Developer here in Eugene before joining the Full Access team in December 2015. Mike has a passion for making “community connections” for the individuals we support, and in Rhode Island he was involved with theater productions, “anti-bullying” groups, as well as several arts and recreational programs. Mike is very excited about continuing to initiate new connections in the Eugene area, and seeking out new venues for individuals to flourish in.

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Chrystal Burns
Program Coordinator
Full Access Member: Chrystal Burns

Born and raised in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Chrystal relocated to Eugene in 1997. She has been a part of the DD Community ever since, with experience in group homes, Goodwill, Pearl Buck and has been with Full Access since March, 2004. Chrystal loves helping people realize and achieve their goals. She embraces the pioneering aspect of the Brokerage, treading new territory for the people we serve. When not at Full Access, you can find her spending time with her husband and daughter, camping, or running away to the coast.

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Eileen Lahey
Controller/Benefits Manager
Full Access Member: Eileen Lahey

Bio coming soon!

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Taylor Higley
Executive Assistant
Full Access Member: Taylor Higley

Taylor started at Full Access on January 27th, 2014. She grew up in Eugene and attended the University of Oregon, studying Cultural Anthropology and Non-Profit Administration. As the Administrative Assistant, Taylor enjoys working with the amazing staff at Full Access and interacting with our awesome Full Access community. She is an avid baker and loves reading and spending time outdoors with her two monstrous puppies, Tucker and Truman. 

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Cindy Carney
Customer Service Assistant
Full Access Member: Cindy Carney

A native Oregonian, Cindy has worked in the Customer Service field for 30 years. Fourteen of those years as a small business owner. She is married and has two adult sons who also live and work in the area. Her hobbies are painting, gardening, photography and hunting down antiques. Cindy is excited about coming on board with Full Access and hopes to make a positive contribution.

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Cathy Mish
Customer Service Assistant
Full Access Member: Cathy Mish

Raised in Hollywood, California, Cathy and her husband moved to Oregon in 1998. She graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Environmental Biology and thoroughly enjoys being out in nature. She has always felt a strong connection with animals, and her goal is to rescue as many animals as she possibly can! Cathy loves her job and enjoys interacting with clients and her coworkers. Outside of work, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, gardening, bird watching and just spending quality time with her husband and their “furry” family.

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Jason Serbesku
Data Processing Specialist
Full Access Member: Jason Serbesku

Jason grew up in St. Paul, MN, but having lived in Seattle, San Diego, and NYC among other places has certainly expanded his horizons. When he moved to Eugene, where many of his friends in the ASL community are located, he rediscovered a hometown nostalgia that reminds him of his summers visiting grandparents who lived in a similarly-sized city. Jason loves working at Full Access with such great coworkers, who work hard everyday to make a difference in people’s lives and the community. He has decades of experience in administrative roles, as well as customer service and other work experience. In his free time, Jason likes reading, writing, playing games, and hanging out with his friends. He loves animals, nature, and camping. He especially enjoys humor, seeing it as a spice of life, capable of helping us cope with our worst tragedies, and keeping us humble in our greatest achievements.

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 130
Tiffany Brown
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Tiffany Brown

Tiffany was born and raised in the beautiful city of Eugene. She has worked in the field since 2006. Her passions in life are advocating for, and working with, people to achieve their visions of life!  She loves to hike, camp, bike, adventure in the great outdoors in general, spend time with family and friends, as well as baking and cooking.  She believes that every day brings the chance to make a difference in your community, the lives of others and yourself!

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Mel Collier
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Mel Collier

Mel likes to dance, bake and eat desserts, be outdoors, hike, lie in the grass on a warm day, travel, and spend time with family and friends.  She adores quality chocolate.  She is a UO alumni and has a bachelor's degree in sociology with a minor in business.  Being a part of the movement for equality is important to Mel! 

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Jodi Davis
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Jodi Davis

Native to Eugene, Jodi graduated from University of Oregon.  She has over 10 years experience working with Human Services such as, HIV Alliance, Laurel Hill Center, Shelter Care and Alvord Taylor Independent Living Services before gaining employment at Full Access in April 2014. When Jodi is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys  various hobbies such as photography, weaving, painting and recently learning to spin poi for exercise and fun.  Jodi is truly grateful for the opportunity to join this team and looks forward to getting to know each individual to assist in making their dreams possible. 

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext.112
Amberlee Dawson
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Amberlee Dawson

Amberlee is excited to take on her role as a Personal Agent. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2003 and worked in a variety of human service settings before relocating to the lower 48. Prior to her arrival in Oregon, Amberlee worked as a Case Manager in Lawrence, Kansas and found her niche in working with individuals with disabilities. It did not take long for the west coast to lure Amberlee and her husband to Oregon with its promise of outdoor adventures. In addition to being a devotee of all things Alaskan, Amberlee is also an avid reader, an eager explorer and a seasoned softball player.

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 113
Sarah Fields
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Sarah Fields

Sarah is a native Oregonian and graduate of the University of Oregon. She began working with individuals with developmental disabilities at a vocational agency, South Oregon Training and Habilitation, in 1992. Before coming to Full Access, she worked at Oregon Supported Living Program, Alvord-Taylor and Pearl Buck. "The aspect of the Brokerage that I find most rewarding is my ability as a Personal Assistant to advocate, not only for the needs of our clients, but their personal dreams and goals, as well." Her leisure activities include: Yoga, running, gardening, reading, music and vacations with with great beaches and swimming. She also enjoys quality time with her husband Jeffrey, family, friends and 5 cats (Hazel, Koufax, Olivia, Beatrice & Jolson).

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Ashley Hoover
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Ashley Hoover

Ashley joined the Full Access team in November of 2016. She was raised in Eugene and graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013 with a degree in Family and Human Services and a minor in Special Education. Ashley has worked with people with disabilities in various capacities, including jobs as an adaptive recreation instructor, special education assistant, job coach, and SAIL Housing resident liaison. She is devoted to supporting and advocating for her client’s needs and encouraging them to dream big! During her spare time, Ashley loves to go on adventures with her husband, friends, and family. She enjoys taking naps, hiking, traveling, cuddling with animals, and being the Kid’s Ministry Director at her church. Ashley is so grateful to work with an amazing team for a FABulous company!

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Mandy Jensen
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Mandy Jensen

Mandy started at Full Access in December of 2015. She was born and raised in Florence, Oregon and attended Western Oregon University. Mandy has worked with individuals who experience disabilities since 2007. Outside of work, Mandy enjoys spending time with her family on the coast going to the beach agate hunting or just to have fun. When Mandy isn’t on the coast with her family, she enjoys spending time with her friends and going thrift shopping.

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Kristie Krinock
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Kristie Krinock

Kristie was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California and received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Montana. Her beginnings in this field started at an early age. Her mom owned a home day care where she welcomed many children with varying abilities over the years. In elementary school Kristie volunteered to work in the Resource Room. Trailers were set up in the field and all kids regardless of their level of ability were taught in those rooms. The need for advocacy became apparent at this young age as she questioned teachers and the principal as to why her friends couldn’t be in the same classroom as everyone else. In Junior High and High School she volunteered for Parks and Recreation in Sunnyvale teaching ballet and gymnastics to kids with varying abilities. At the University of Oregon, Kristie worked at Disability Services, helping to make the campus a place where everyone was treated equally and enjoyed the same opportunities. Prior to coming to Full Access Kristie worked 14 years at Alvord-Taylor in varying positions. In her spare time Kristie likes to read, dance and laugh. She is very excited to continue to help people become integrated into their communities and to teach the community how to be inclusive for all.

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 124
Rheanna Vote
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Rheanna Vote

Rheanna began her career in Developmental Disabilities volunteering as a classroom aide for elementary and middle school students in a self-contained classroom. After working with children, Rheanna provided recreational activities for adults with developmental disabilities for four years before attending the University of Oregon to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Rheanna finds great pride in advocating for her clients and providing them with the services and support they need to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

An Oregon native, Rheanna is an avid lover of the outdoors. She spends time daily tending to her beautiful gardens and teaching her three children about the abundance of food in the natural world. She enjoys adventuring with her family at the coast, hiking forested trails, harvesting berries, and swimming in the creeks, rivers, and lakes that are so plentiful in the Willamette Valley.  When she has to be indoors, Rheanna enjoys cooking and canning the bounty of her harvests.

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 110
Debbie Smith-Tracy
Quality Assurance/Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Debbie Smith-Tracy

As a military brat, Debbie lived an incredible life traveling all over the world, but never had roots to any place. After coming to Eugene in 1985 to visit a friend, she found her forever home and never left. Debbie has worked with people with disabilities for over 20 years, 15 of those years has been as a case manager. She has also received her CADC1 (Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor 1) certification and worked in the drug and alcohol recovery field, but missed advocating and helping clients achieve their independence. Debbie enjoys working at Full Access where she gets to take part in her clients dreaming big and reaching their goals. In her free time, Debbie goes on adventures with her friends, spends time with her three amazing daughters, and corrals her four animals (two dogs and two cats). When she has time, Debbie also enjoys cooking, sewing, and reading. 

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 106
Nicholas Kaasa
Community Outreach Advocate
Full Access Member: Nicholas Kaasa

Nicholas joined the Full Access team on May 30th 2014.  He is a lifelong resident of the state of Oregon and an advocate for those, like himself, who experience disabilities.  In 2012 Nicholas received the self-determination award from the Arc Lane County for his advocacy work in and around his community.  On July 24, 2013 Nicholas was appointed to the Oregon Council on developmental disabilities.  In his free time Nicholas enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, reading and enjoying time with family & friends.  Quite often he can be found sipping  a cup of coffee, while listening to an audiobook

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 153

Cottage Grove Staff

Katrina Anderson
Personal Agent
Full Access Member: Katrina Anderson

Katrina comes to us with twenty years of social service experience.  She has worked at Goodwill as an employment specialist and an employment/alternative to employment program manager, Alvord Taylor as a residential program manager, and most recently as an office specialist for Child Welfare.  Katrina grew up in the Eugene/Creswell area and currently resides in the South Lane area with her husband, children, and pets.    In her free time, Katrina enjoys reading, crafting, hiking, camping, swimming, movies, road trips, watching Seahawks and Ducks football, and spending quality time with her family.

Phone: 541-284-5070 ext. 116