About Us


Full Access is one of multiple brokerages throughout the state of Oregon. The first Brokerage was opened in November of 2001, and Full Access opened in March of 2002. The Brokerages are the result of a class action suit and court settlement between the State of Oregon and the Federal government in 2000 which was phased in over six years, 2000-2006. This settlement, called the Staley settlement, was in response to a lawsuit filed on behalf of five individuals with developmental disabilities who were eligible for services but not receiving them. They had been on the "waitlist" for services; this waitlist contained the names of over 4,000 people! One person had been waiting for 17 years. Many adults with developmental disabilities were not receiving any needed supports and available support dollars were often applied unevenly across the state.

The Staley settlement says that support services will be available to any eligible individual. Services must be based on the needs and desires of the individual and, if appropriate, the family. The needs and desires must be determined through a person centered planning process that assists individuals and their families to determine and oversee the supports that they need to live the lives that they choose. The Staley Settlement calls for "universal access" to self-directed Support Services for all adults with developmental disabilities. In essence, this creates an entitlement to support services for all eligible adults with developmental disabilities built upon the principles of self-determination. Access to these support services, through Support Service brokerages, must be applied on an equitable, fair and uniform basis across the state regardless of what part of the state a person lives in. The statewide plan for brokerages ensures that all eligible individuals will receive services by 2009.

Full Access was established through the collaborative effort of people with disabilities, advocates, providers, and the support of Mental Health/Developmental Disability personnel in 2001. The founders of Full Access shared a commitment for developing a brokerage that would be knowledgeable about local disability issues and committed to the personal choices of individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition to the self-advocates, the agencies associated with the founding of Full Access were:

Alvord-Taylor, Inc.
The Arc of Lane County
The Arc of Central Oregon
Central Oregon Resources for Independent Living
Deschutes County Developmental Disabilities Program
Direction Service
Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon
Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast Counties
Independent Environments, Inc.
Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services
McKenzie Personnel Systems
Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon
Oregon Supported Living Program
Residential Assistance Program