Full Access

Full Access envisions a world where equal access ensures that all people live, work, and recreate in their community, consistent with their preferences and choices. This is a world where partnerships thrive and support is a natural extension of community membership. In the Full Access vision, dreams are pursued through active community participation, choices, and advocacy. 


Learn more about the proposed settlement agreement in the class action lawsuit, Lane vs Brown, regarding sheltered workshops in Oregon.




Full Access is actively recruiting individuals to serve as members of our Board of Directors. If you have a connection to, or an interest in, the I/DD community and the desire to provide governance and oversight to an organization that provides services to individuals with I/DD disabilities throughout Lane County, we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Contact April Wick, Executive Director, at 541-284-5070 or AWick@fullaccess.org  

Want to learn more about the new Oregon ISP?  Check the training schedule for dates and locations. 

Looking for our Bend office?  They are now Full Access High Desert!